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Nur Powder and Plasterboard

Nur Powder and Plasterboard

It is used for decorative elements in walls and ceilings in interior areas, for making molding plaster and paduga gypsum

 About the material

The gypsum contains a chemical composition containing calcium sulphate. It is used in various industries after processing. It is planned to projection of wall and ceiling construction as aesthetic, comfort and does not harm human health.During the freezing time does not flow, stack and crack. Prevents moisture, the walls are breathing and healthy. It is resistant to fire. Heat storage is poor, delaying the spread of the fire.

Application areas

In the preparation of molding plaster and paduga gypsum

In the preparation of gypsum boards


It does not change its volume after being prepared and stabilized.

Holds moisture such as concrete and wood and does not change its shape.

Gypsum, gypsum element acquisition, easy to use, quick and cost effective.

Operation is easy, no longer requires labor and expense.

Has elastic properties. This will allow the user to change easily in the future and if necessary.

Nurgips gypsum can be easily transported and easily accessible from the production facility to the construction site.

Disturbed goods during shipping and handling can be easily recovered.

Surface preparation

Surface should be dry and firm, clean of dust, dirt, alien objects and all residues that are preventing adhesion.

Preparation of the mixture

Preparation of the solution is similar to the construction gypsum.

Security measures

During the application, it is important to use work wear, protective gloves and glasses that fit your health and work conditions. In the warehouse or during use, the ingredients should not be exposed to skin and eyes, and should be washed immediately with plenty of water and soap when contacted by an emergency doctor. Fields where the material is applied should not contain food products.

Technial features

Use temperature + 5 C / + 35 C

Residual sieve 0,2 mm, most 1%

Torsion strength is at least 4 N / mm2

Threshold of stiffness, at least 10N / mm2

Physical appearance – White powder

Plaster / water ratio: 100 g of plaster / 75 g of water

Duration of use: max. 5 minutes

Freezing time: max. 15 minutes

Pressure resistance:> 10 N / mm2 (after 7 days)

Torsion resistance:> 4 N / mm2 (after 7 days)

Volume weight: 600-700 gr / lt

Surface hardness: 60 shore D


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