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Emulsion based KEPEZ BINASTAR solution

Emulsion based KEPEZ BINASTAR solution

Acrylic copolymer based lining material for indoor areas and facades. Reduces the dehumidification of the surface to which it is applied. Reduces the dye or emulsion consumption. Boosts adhesion between the plaster or dye and the surface of the wall.

Usage area

It is used as a lining material before applying paint or gypsum-based plaster on the walls and ceilings of the buildings, plaster, concrete-type or mineral-based surfaces

 Preparation procedure

Kepez Binastar is simply mixed with water at a ratio of 1: 4 (1: 1 outer space) to be ready.

Application Procedures

Kepez Binastar is applied directly to the wall surface with the usual or roller brush. The lowest air temperature recommended for the application of Kepez Binastar is +5 ̊C.

Technical features

Consumption: 0.020-0.040 kg / m2 or 20-40 m2 / lt (per layer)

Drying time: 2-3 hours

Storage period: At least 1 year in unopened container in room condition


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