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Kepez Tile and Ceramic Adhesive

Kepez Tile and Ceramic Adhesive

Kepez Tile and Ceramic Adhesive is a cement based construction material with high adhesion capability designed for the installation of tile, ceramic tile, ceramic and decorative stones used in the interior and exterior

Application areas

Interior and exterior spaces

To cover roughness on walls, floors and ceilings, to install ceramic tiles, decorative stones

Can be easily used in kitchen, bathroom, corridors, pools and so on.


Preparation and use are easy, it is only mixed with water and ready for use

Freezing duration is long

There is no sliding of the tiles during installation

It has high adhesionability and durability for a long time

A special ingredient is added to prevent the formation of cracks in frosty weather conditions
It is produced on the basis of high quality 500 cement branded

Surface preparation

The area to be applied should be dustless, clean and flat. Surface should be cleaned from obstacles that weaken adhesion. If the surface temperature is above 20 ̊C, the surface should be absolutely moistened.


The indicated amount of water is filled in pure containers. The sack is opened, the powder-forming Kepez adhesive is added to the water and the solution is stirred until it is homogeneous for 3-4 minutes at 400-600 rpm. After 3 minutes of interruption, it is again mixed for 1 minute and ready for use.

Mixture ratio

Mix of 270 grams of water mixture for 1 kg of Kepez Tile and Tile Adhesive is 1,60 kg / liter.

Application procedure

Application Procedure It is applied to the surface with 1 mm thickness on the flat side of the trowel, before it dries, this solution is applied with notched side of the trowel in the same form, and immediately begins the adhesion process.

It is recommended to apply a 1 mm thick Kepez Tile and Ceramic Tile Adhesive with the straight side of the trowel on the adhesive side of the material with a width of 15 cm and thickness of 6 mm (tile, ceramic tile, etc.).

It is important to apply this method, especially in outer spaces where temperatures are high. By this kind of application,the adhesive of the material to be used will be completely closed by mix.


Kepez Tile and Ceramic Adhesive is packaged in 25kg polyethylene paper sacks.


The product’s consumption can range from 3.5 kg / m2 to 6 kg / m2, depending on the notched thickness of trowel.

Technical features

Physical appearance – Gray

The amount of the composition of units: not more than 0.5 mm

Density: Approximately 1.6 kg / dm3

Adhesion resistance:> 0.5 N / mm2

Using temperature: +5 ̊ C – +30 C ̊

Intermediate filler time: 24 hours

Use thickness: 3-6 mm

Duration of use in mixed case: 2 hours

The validity period in the surface: min. 20 minutes




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