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Kepez Plaster Panel Adhesive

Kepez Plaster Panel Adhesive

Concrete, gas concrete, bricks and so on. construction material used for adhesion of plaster panel boards (gipskarton plaques) on surfaces

Preparation and use procedure

Before applying Plaster Panel Adhesive to the surface, the surface should be rough. Add 10 kg of Kepez Plaster Panel Adhesive to 5 liters of water in a clean container

. A few minutes are expected for a complete absorption of the water solution. Then, mix well with hand mixer (max. 3 minutes) or trowel until the solution is completely homogeneous. After preparing the Gypsum Panel Adhesive solution is then spread to a surface of about 30 cm. After plaster panel is pasted, the surface level is checked.


Sticking firmly

Plaster panel (gipskarton) plaques, installation takes less time than traditional methods

It’s easy to use

Reduces maintenance costs

Technical features

Physical appearance – White powder

Water / dry mixture: 50%/50%

Duration of use: 60 minutes

Freezing time: 120-140 minutes

Using temperature: +5 ̊ C – +30 C ̊

Compression resistance: min 2,0 N / mm2

Torsion resistance: min 1,0 N/mm2

Surface hardness: 50 shore D




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