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Kepez Penoplast Adhesive

Kepez Penoplast Adhesive

Cement based construction material used for sticking of penoplast and thermal insulation boards, ready to be mixed with water


Kepez Penoplast Adhesive is used for the adhesion of penoplast and other thermal insulation boards in the interior and exterior spaces


Provides perfect adhesion

Does not crack and shrink

It is easily prepared and applied

Longer duration of use

Suface preparation

Surface to be used on should be cleaned of all types of dirt, grease, dust, paint, construction excesses. The surface to be used to prevent the rapid loss of moisture in the solution should be pre-moistened.

Preparation of the solution

A clean container should be used to prepare the solution. First, clean water is added to the container, and then the Kepez Penoplast Adhesive powder is added.

With a low circulation mechanical mixer, the solution is mixed until complete homogeneous condition, after waiting 5 minutes, the solution is used again with stirring

Methof of use, adhesion

It is adhered to the surface at a thickness of 3-4 cm along the boards and in the middle. After 24 hours of sticking, the boards are fastened to the surface by brace from 5 points.


One layer of 25 kg polyethylene kraft sacks


3-4 kg for the surface of 1 sq. m.

 Cleaning tools

Wash the tools with water after finishing work

Security measures

Make sure that this material does not come into contact with your eyes, mouth or skin during use and storage. If this material touches your skin and eyes, rinse it with water to clean it up.

Indicators are designed for +23 degrees air temperature and 50% relative humidity. Higher temperatures shorten the freezing period, while lower temperatures increase the duration.

Technical features

Appearance: Gray-colored, small powder form

Homogeneity: Homogeneous

Use duration of the ready solution: 4 hours

The temperature during use: +5 degrees and +35 degrees

Water mixing ratio: 6 liters of water and 25 kg of powder

Thickness during use: minimum 5 mm, maximum 20 mm

Storage life: It can be stored in 10 packages overlapping in a packaged original packaging in non-wet and dry places and stored for 9 months.


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