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Kepez Granite, Marble and Kotto (Decorative Bricks) adhesive

Kepez Granite, Marble and Kotto (Decorative Bricks) adhesive

Cement based, single-component, added chemical additives that enhance the quality of the product, marble with high mechanical resistance, granite and decorative brick and acrylic adhesive for facade

 Usage area

It is used horizontally and vertically flattened in interior and exterior refurbishment and repairs for adhesion (installation) of large-sized granite, keramogranite, ceramic, marble and ceramic tiles

Product benefits

It is easy to prepare and use, saving time, no sliding on the horizontal and vertical surfaces, high adhesion strength, water, moisture and frost resistance, and composition and quality does not change when exposed to temperature changes.

Warehouse and storage rules

The shelf life is 6 months. The product must be stored in cool and dry conditions, with up to 8 sacks overlapping.

Preparation of the surface

The surface to be used should be cleaned of dust, grease and chemicals. To be used in concrete, cement or other types of surface drying process should be finished and the surface should be ready for use. It is important to moisten the surface where the temperature is very hot or where the surface is too dry.

The procedure for preparation of the solution

Add 25 kg of powder to 7-7.5 liters of pure water and cool water, and the solution is mixed until it is homogenized at low speed for 3-4 minutes using a mechanical mixer. The finished product should be used within 3 hours. The solution applied to the surface is scraped with a notched trowel fitted to the dimensions of the adhesive board. Granite boards are stuck on scraped plaster for about 20 minutes. The expired or dry, barked product is useless. The product should be used at a designated temperature, should be protected from direct sunlight, wind and frost. The intermediate filler can be applied 24 hours, on the ground after 48 hours.

These should be considered

It is useless to use past or dried, shelled products. No water can be added to the hardened solution again. During the first 24 hours the solution should be protected from direct sunlight, wind and frost.

Cleaning tools

The tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use

Technical features

Physical appearance – Gray and white

Boards adhesive time on scraped plaster – 20 minutes

Ready solution duration: 2 hours

Readiness to use: 24 hours

Duration of application of intermediate filler: 24-48 hours (depends on the use on the wall or on the ground)

Usage tool: notched trowel

Consumption: 5-6 kg / m2

Using temperature: +5 ̊ C – +30 C ̊



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