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Nur Economic Primer Plaster

Nur Economic Primer Plaster

Natural gypsum and perlite based primer that can be applied by hand and machine, used for smoothing walls and ceilings in indoor areas.

 About material

Nur Economic Primer Plaster is a gypsum-based construction material that features properties such as heat and sound insulation. Can be applied with hand or machine. Preparation and implementation are very simple. There is no flow during the freezing period, cracks do not occur. Fills in cavities where it is applied, removes surface roughness and imperfections. Fire-resistant. Because of its low heat transfer capacity, it can slow down the fire. Prevents bacteria, mold and mushrooms, is human and environment friendly.

Application areas

In interior space, walls and ceilings in offices, villas, hospitals, hotels, recreation and residential complexes

Monolithic cement and smooth surfaces inside the building


It regulates the moisture balance of the walls, resulting in the wall breathing.

It does not crack, mold, does not create bacteria on the wall.

Protects heat and creates sound insulation

Because of its water, it has a fire retardant feature.

Highly durable

Surface preparation

The lowest air temperature that can be used is + 5 ° C. The applied area should be cleaned of various contaminants (dust, lubricating stains, old paint). This primer plaster creates the potential for future cracking and such problems. The surface should be solid and moisturize the surface if necessary.


1 kg of dry mixture is dissolved in 0.6 liters of pure water. The obtained solution should be added to the water until it has full ingredients and its composition is mechanically or manually blended. Then the solution should be kept for 10-15 minutes, then mixed again. Ready gypsum solution should be kept in active form at least 24 hours in a hermetic form. Such a solid solution is applied on a wall with rubber or trowel.

Security measures

Appropriate work clothing should be used during the application. During the work should be avoided this material drop into your eyes and should be washed with plenty of water if such a case occurs. All work related to these materials should be carried out using rubber gloves and protective glasses.

Technical features

Physical appearance – White powder

Plaster / water ratio: 100 g of plaster / 60 g of water

Duration of use: 60-80 minutes

Freezing time: 160-220 minutes

Usage amount: 1 cm thick 8.5-10 kg / m

Pressure resistance:> 1.8 N / mm2 (7 days later)

Torsion resistance:> 0.9 N / mm2 (after 7 days)

Volume weight: 700-900 gr / lt

PH: 12-13

Surface hardness: 30 shore D


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