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Kepez Mineral Facade Plaster

Kepez Mineral Facade Plaster

The cement-based, lightweight, fiber-reinforced, natural-looking surface finish layer for interior and exterior walls

Surface preparation

Surface should be clean, dry, firm. Kepez Thermal Insulation Plaster should be made of Kepez Mineral Coating after 48 hours (full drying) of applying at a thickness of 3-4 mm. Prior to application of Kepez Mineral Coating, absolute mineral coating should be applied.

Preparation of the solution

Kepez Mineral coating Plaster is slowly added to clean and cold water, and the mixture is mixed (about 10 min) until it is completely homogeneous. The amount of water required must be determined according to weather conditions. Mixing can also be done with the machine. When mixing with the machine, it is important to keep in mind that the machine does not have crumbs. Each time you mix the product you need to use the same amount of water. In the opposite case, there may be patterns and tones in the product. Prepared mixture must be used within 2 hours according to weather conditions. Can not be added water to the hardened product and reused.

Terms of use

Prepared homogeneous mixture is applied to the surface with stainless steel trowel. While applying Kepez Mineral coating plaster to the surface can be decorated for up to 10 minutes.It should not be applied directly under the influence of sunlight, under severe wind conditions, high humidity and rain conditions. The surface should be protected from moisture, rain and wind until it is completely dry. It is recommended that the solution be applied at +5 ° C and +25 ° C in the air temperature. It is important to moisturize the surface in a warmer atmosphere. For painting the wall surface wait 24 hours in normal weather conditions.


25 kg craft sack


Can be stored in dry conditions and in unopened original packaging for 12 months


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash with lots of water in contact with skin.

Technical features

Dry surface thickness> 400 microns

Piece size is S4

Water vapor transmission – 15 <(g / m2d) <15 (Vz)

Water transmission 0.1 kg / m2 ((24h) 0.5)> 0.5

(W2 class) – medium

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