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Feniks Plastic Emulsion

Phoenix Plastic Emulsion

It is acrylic copolymer based, non-cracking and non-slipping, matte, odorless, high quality, decorative last layer interior wall paint.


Phoenix facade paint is all kinds of surfaces with high adhesion capability, high-gloss, non-cracked and non-slippery, odorless, without leaving traces of brush and roller, environmentally friendly, flow resistant decorative last layer interior wall paint.

Terms of use

Before application, the surface should be cleaned from dust, dirt and grease, the edges should be completely leveled and the surface should be dry. New plastered surfaces should be waited 4 weeks before painting. For the first time painted cement based and raw plastered walls primarily should be cleaned by rubbing sand grains remaining in plaster with emery paper.

In the first layer, 20 to 25% and in the second layer up to 10-15% of the paint should be thoroughly touched with water, and should be applied to the surface with brush or roller. Temperature should be +5 C with +30 C and humidity should not be below 80% during use.


125-150 grams of paint can be used on the surface of 1 m2.

Storage duration

Can be stored for 2 years where sunlight does not fall, in original packaging without opening the lid, with freezing protection.

Drying time

First drying – 1 hour

Complete drying – 20 hours

Security measures

Protect your eye and body from falling. Keep out of reach for children.

Technical features

Colour– White

The product structure – acrylic copolymer based

Solid content – 72-74%

Density – 1,64 kg / liter

Complete drying period – after 24 hours

Packaging – 3.5; 10.0 and 25.0 kg buckets

Adhesiveness: 120 KU-125 KU at 25 ° C

PH : 8-9

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