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KEPEZLATEX two component waterproofing solution

KEPEZLATEX two component waterproofing solution

Cement based insulation material containing chemical additives that enhance the product’s quality indicators, waterproof, giving new look  to the concrete, brick and other construction materials that contains two-component


Easily applied with brush, wheel brush, spray maschine, trowel and creates a waterproof surface. It creates an effect on water-borne salts and gases in the atmosphere. Kepezlatex (waterproof solution) applied in liquid form is a hard wearing and waterproof membrane for the protection of roof and foundation. On roads used by pedestrians and trucks, should be coated with protective coating material (with ceramic, nivelir solution).


1 mm thick Kepezlatex provides resistance to 80 cm thick concrete layer against carbonate. It has excellent adhesion properties. Connects surfaces with and without permeability to one another. Elastic. Because of health problems, contact with water does not affect health. It breathes. When the water is withdrawn, the bottom surface allows air to flow. High resistance to carbon dioxide and chlorine ions. If a 7-28-day standby time is required for traditional materials, this product can be applied to 24-hour fresh concrete and provides immediate protection.

Preparation of the surface for the place to be applied

Surface should be firm, dust free, dry, clean and load-resistant. The surface should be prevented from moisture. Buildings under floor heating systems should be applied with special measures. Sould be avoided into the entervals and merger. Multi-purpose concrete lining of 100 grams per 1 m2 with brush should be applied to the surface where the Kepezlatex waterproofing solution will be applied to. When the primer dries, it creates a desolate layer. Water-permeable surfaces should be primed twice. The second layer lining should be applied by adding 1/1 water to 1 m2 after the first layer to 100 grams.


To prepare Kepezlatex waterproofing solution, the composition is mixed in the amount shown on the package. This product should be prepared in clean containers where it is to be used. The powder component is added slowly into the liquid and is mixed with a mechanical mixer which is fitted with the appropriate mixing apparatus. Get ready for the material you will use within an hour. The solution should wait 3 minutes after mixing, then mix it again and bring it ready for use.

The method of application

Wetted concrete surfaces with clean water. Moisture should be visible in size, but must be in the collection. Apply solution with a short, fluffy brush or wheel brush. It can be applied with trowel or spraying machine if necessary. 6-10 mm surface roughness, pores and troughs and etc. are eliminated using more solid solutions. If more than one layer is needed, to obtain the desired thickness, we apply the second layer after drying.

In general, it is recommended that at least 1 mm thickness of each layer for re-coating.

Technical features

Mixing ratio of components:

Component A (20 kg powder) + component B (8 kg of liquid)

Usage rule- 1, 5 kg / m2 for 1 mm thickness

Shelf life is 9 months under normal conditions

Conditions of storage – should be closed and away from direct sunlight

Store at temperatures below +5 degrees

Overlapping material – up to 1 packet maximum: 10 sacks overlap


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