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Kepez Plaster Facade

Kepez Plaster Facade

High build-up construction material designed for plastering of outer walls, buildings as well as for mounting (sticking) of thermal insulation boards.

Kepez Plater Facade is a cement based material, mixed with water, is ready for use, used for plastering of heat insulation boards.

Places to use

Are used for plastering of all kinds of heat insulation boards (XPS extruded polystyrene, penopolistyrol, isocam, etc.) in walls and ceilings of inner and outer areas.


Provides perfect adhesion

Does not crack and shrink

Easily prepared and applied

Longer duration of use

Can be painted directly on it

Application / Surface Preparation

Surface should be cleaned of all types of dirt, grease, dust, paint, construction excesses. Chemicals that will reduce the quality of adhesion should be cleaned from the surface. Iron and wooden parts on the surface should be removed. During use, it is best to be soaked with water to prevent heat loss in the material and measures should be taken if rapid heat loss is observed during the use.


For a clean mix, put 6 liters of water on top of it, and facade plaster powder should be added slowly,  the solution should be mixed until all powders disappear with the aid of a mechanical mixer. Material should be mixed again after waiting for 5 minutes.

Method of use, adhesion

After all the boards are stuck and sufficient adhesion resistance has to be applied, the facade plaster should be applied to the surface with a maximum of 10 mm, at least 5 mm thick, with gypsum plastering trowel. The plastering surface can be soaked with a slow sponge when required.


One layer of 25 kg in polyethylene kraft bags

How to use

1.5 kg / m2 for 1 mm thickness

Cleaning tools

Wash the tools with water after finishing work

Security measures

Make sure that this item does not come into contact with your eyes, mouth or skin during use and storage. If the item touches your skin and eyes, rinse it with water and cleaned up.


Indicators are designed for +23 degrees air temperature and 50% relative humidity. Higher temperatures shorten the freezing period, while lower temperatures increase the duration.

Technical features

Appearance: Gray-colored, small powder form

Homogeneity: Homogeneous

Ready solution duration: 4 hours

The temperature during use is +5 degrees and +35 degrees

Mixing ratio: 25 kg of powder in 6 liters of water

Thickness of use: minimum 5 mm, maximum 10 mm

Storage life: It can be stored in 10 packages in a container where it is packed in arid and dry place and stored for 9 months.




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