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Nur facing plaster

Nur facing plaster

About the material

Kepez facing plaster is applied after plastering and polishing  of the primer plaster on wall or ceiling.

Application areas

In interior space, walls and ceilings in offices, villas, hospitals, hotels, recreation and residential complexes.


The white color of the material makes it easy to paint

It is not dusty, so painting and wall paper life will be long

It has high resistance

Lightly polished, almost gives smooth surface effect without polishing

Paint and wallpaper work is done easily

It regulates the moisture balance of the walls, resulting in the wall breathing

It does not crack, mold, it does not allow the spread of bacteria

Protects heat and creates sound insulation

The water probability has a fire retardant, is a fire-resistant

Surface Preparation

The lowest air temperature that can be used is + 5 ° C. The applied area should be cleaned of various contaminants (dust, lubricating stains, old paint). It is recommended that the wall or ceiling surface be moistened in conditions of high air temperature, airborne dirt, and excessive drying of the surface.


1 kg of dry mixture is dissolved in 0.65 liters of pure water. The resulting solution should be sprinkled with water until complete ingredient is to be expected, and the water should dip into the dry mixture for 2-3 minutes. Then, the solution should be ready to be mixed until homogeneous with mechanical or manual method.

Application procedure

Mixture can be applied with diagonal movements on the surface with a sharp sponge trowel or rubber trowel. In hot weather and water-soluble surfaces, it can quickly be moisturized with a moisturizing sponge before applying the surface to avoid cracking on the surface as water is quickly dissolved. The facial plaster can be drawn one or more layers on the wall surface.

Storage conditions

It is advisable to store the plaster materials in tightly-sealed containers at dry temperatures above 0 ° C.

Technical features

Physical appearance – White powder

Plaster / water ratio: 100 g of plaster / 65 g of water

Duration of use: 180-240 minutes

Freezing time: 180-240 minutes

Usage quantity: 1 cm thick 8.5-10 kg / m

Compression resistance:> 4 N / mm2 (after 7 days)

Torsion resistance:> 2 N / mm2 (7 days later)

Volume weight: 600-700 gr / lt


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