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Fixoboy (wall plaster)

Fixoboy (wall plaster)

Fixoboy wallpaper is a type of natural gypsum based plaster that can be applied on concrete, cement plaster or primer spatula to be mounted surfaces and wall paper can be mounted without the need for overcoat

About the material

Fixoboy is a new type of plaster that is not an alternative to the construction materials market.

Key Benefits

On surfaces where wall paper is to be applied, there is no need for coating

Surfaces on paint and emulsion surfaces facilitate the application of coating

Shorten the repair time

Reduces material and workmanship during repair

It is a natural and ecologically sound material.

Makes the wall paper more secure to hold.

Preparation of the surface

It should be borne in mind that the tools and container that will be used before the Fixoboy solution are clean. The wall surface that the solution to be applied should be cleaned from paint, plaster and oil residues, crumbs, dust and so on. It is important to moisturize the wall or ceiling surface under high air temperature. The surface should be stable and firm.

Preparation of plaster

Water is added and after that, the fixoboy powder is sprinkled with water (with 1 kg of fixoboy powder per 0.5 liters of water) After 2-3 minutes break, the solution is mixed with hand or machine until fully ready for use.


The ready fixoboy can be applied to pre-plastered surface with black (cement based) plaster, “Kepez” lining or “Kepez Direct” primer plaster (coating)

If wallpaper on the surface will be pasted, there is no need the coat over the fixoboy!

Makes the wall paper more secure to hold.

The application of plaster

Fixoboy is applied to the surface about 3 mm thick as an ordinary coating. For plastering a few layers, the previous layer should be dried completely. When the plaster is completely dried, the surface is then removed from the residues by means of a metal spatula, when needed trifles

Storage conditions

The shelf life of the material is 6 months since the date of production on the wooden board or pallet, in dry conditions and  in the original packaging. On top of the 18 sacks can be collected.

Technical features

Physical appearance – White powder

0.5 liter of water is used for 1 kg of “Kepez Plaster”.

Plaster / water ratio: 100 g of plaster / 50 g of water

Duration of use: 80-120 minutes

Freezing time: 180-240 minutes

Pressure resistance:> 5 N / mm2 (7 days later)

Torsion resistance:> 3 N / mm2 (7 days later)

Volume weight: 700-900 gr / lt

Surface hardness: 40 shore D

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