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Kepez Plaster Panel Intermediate Filler

Kepez Plaster Panel Intermediate Filler

After installation of plaster panels (gipskarton plaque) filling and leveling of gaps between the boards, as well as the construction material used for assembly of tape bands.

Application areas

Kepez plaster panel intermediate filler is used for filling and smoothing the gaps in the interior of the ceilings and walls after installation of gipskarton as well as assembly of tape bands and  to fill the interval of plaster boards.

Preparation of the solution

The tools and container that will be used before preparing the product are absolutely clean. Water is added to the container and after that the plasterboard intermediate filler powder is sprinkled with water.The plaster panel is fully saturated with intermediate filler powder and after 2-3 minutes break, the solution is mixed with the method until it is fully homogeneously ready for use. The finished plasterboard intermediate filler solution is applied to the pre-cleaned and prepared surface.

Procedure for application of the solution

The first layer of plaster panel intermediate filler solution is drawn over the tape band, which covers the cavity between the panel boards. At least 2 hours after this, the first layer is polished, and the second layer of plasterboard intermediate filler is applied to it. Ready solution can be used within 1 hour.


0.2-0.5 kg of filling of plaster panels (gipskarton plaque) joints

1.2-1.5 kg of gypsum plasterboard filling joints

0.3 to 0.4 kg in the repair of cracks and gaps in gypsum surfaces on walls and ceilings

Technical features

Physical appearance – White powder

Water / dry mixture: 6.0-6.5 liters of water / 10 kg of dry mixture

Duration of use: 80-100 minutes

Compression resistance: 5.5-6.0 Mpa

Torsion resistance: 2,7-3,2 Mpa

Drying time: 120-140 min.

Using temperature: +5 ̊ C – +30 C ̊

Surface hardness: 90 shore D

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