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Kepez Coating Paste

Kepez coating paste

It is a cement based polymer additive waterproof thin coating paste

Usage Areas

Coating material used as the last layer In interior and exterior repair and construction works in particular, before the interior surfaces are painted. Allows you to create a flat and smooth surface . Due to waterproofness, it helps to save dyes material.


Easily prepared and used

Saves time

Has high adhesion ability

No crack

Cold and heat-resistant, weather-resistant


Can be applied at 1-2 mm thickness on single layer

Color can be applied after 3


Polyethylene layer kraft bags of 20 kg

Storage duration

Can be stored in the original unopened packaging, In cool and dry place, for 12 months


Paste                                     20 kg

Consumptions                   1kq / m2 for 1mm thickness

The amount of water/dust     6-7 liters

Technical features

Mineral-containing and polymer modification, fibrous and cement-based

Color– Gray-white

Adhesion duration> 0.50 N / mm2 (28 days)

Application thickness is minimum 1 mm, maximum 2mm

The temperature will be between +5 C and +25 C.

The ambient temperature is -40 C to +80 C

Setting time 10 minutes

Use time 2 hours

Open time is 1 hour

No sliding

Watering The surface should be watered 1 time during 3 days

The last layer application 3 days

The abovementioned features are given for +20 C and 50% moisture

At higher temperatures, the time is shorter, and the time at low temperatures lengthens.

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