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Kepez direct Plaster Primer

Kepez direct Plaster Primer

Gypsum-based construction material directly applied to brick, cubic stone, concrete, plaster panel, gas concrete, gypsum concrete, briquette, etc. like surfaces  without need of black plaster (cement based plaster)

About the material

Kepez Direct Plaster Primer is directly applied without the need for mix as seen on its name. This product has all the advantages of Kepez Direct Plaster Primer.

Application areas

In interior space, walls and ceilings in offices, villas, hospitals, hotels, recreation and residential complexes

Monolithic cement and smooth surfaces inside the building

Directly on bricks and cubic stone, on concrete surfaces


Cement-based black plaster is not needed. Therefore, it reduces the burden of the building, material and labor costs, and prevents moisture content in indoor areas, and shortens the duration of the repairs.

Surface Preparation

The lowest air temperature that can be used is + 5 ° C. The applied area should be cleaned of various contaminants (dust, lubricating stains, old paint). It creates conditions for preventing future cracking and such problems on the surface. The surface should be solid. It is recommended that the wall or ceiling surface be moistened in conditions of high air temperature, airborne dirt, and excessive drying of the surface.

In warm weather, the surface should be thoroughly moistened before placing the plaster primer on the surface. “Main profils” are placed which will be plastered surface. Because of the lack of breakage in the corners of the wall and the smoothness of the corners, in case of need, special “corner profiles” are placed on the wall corners. Plastic “plaster net” is put on places where different materials are combined and places where it can be affected.

If the surface is as smooth as concrete, then it is necessary to make the surface rough.

Metal surfaces should be protected from corrosion by antipas solution before direct Primer.

The location and surface of the workplace should be minimum + 5 ° C, maximum +40 ° C. It is enough to mix it with pure water to make “Kepez Direct Plater Primer”.There is no need for additional additives and chemical supplements.

Note: Indicators in this usage guide may vary depending on the environment.


1 kg of dry mixture is dissolved in 0.6 liters of pure water. Kepez direct plaster primer powder should be sprinkled in water until complete, and the water should dip into the dry mixture for 2-3 minutes. Then the solution should be mixed and ready until it is homogeneous with mechanical or manual methods

Storage conditions

It is advisable to store the plastering materials in tightly-sealed containers at dry temperatures above 0 ° C.

Technical features

Physical appearance – White powder

Plaster / water ratio: 100 g of plaster / 60 g of water

Duration of use: 70-90 minutes

Freezing time: 160-220 minutes

Quantity used: 1 cm thick 8.5-10 kg / m2

Pressure resistance:> 4 N / mm2 (7 days later)

Torsion resistance:> 2 N / mm2 (7 days later)

Volume gravity: 700-900 gr / lt

PH: 13-14

Surface hardness: 40 shore D




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