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Kepez Repair Mix

Kepez Repair mix

Kepez Repair mix having high durability capacity, polymer additive, sulphate and chlorine resistant, waterproof, cement based repair material

 Application areas

It can be used in interior and exterior spaces, especially in sulphate and chloro-resistant, whether underground, or above the ground and under water

Surfaces that can be used

– Concrete

– Cement based plaster

Over Kepez Repair mix the waterproofing products, covering for outer walls, paint, plaster and ceramic tiles can be applied as the last layer in designated locations

Terms of use

Duration of the shelf – about 25 min

Usage thickness – minimum 5 mm maximum 40 mm

Waiting time between layers – 3 hours

Commissioning date – 24 hours

Full freezing time – 28 hours

Surface Preparation

The surface should be cleaned of chemicals

Places with less adhesion should be checked with hammer. The weak points of the surface should be removed.

Rusty iron should be cleaned

Before use, the surface must be moisturized, and it is necessary to absorb water on the surface in very hot or windy weather.

The rust in the iron should be cleaned with a brush and protected from dust

The next process is applied damp on moist surface  when the product is wet

Conditions of use

The weather conditions should be between +5 C and +30 C

It can not be used under strong wind and heat

Should not be used in frozen, on surfaces that are in melt or the surfaces  danger of frost within 24 hours

Preparation of the product

5-5.5 liters of pure water should be added to a sack of 25kg Kepez Repair Mix powder.The Kepez Repair Mix should be mixed until it becomes homogeneous with a trowel or a low circulating mixer. You have to wait 2 minutes before using the mix.

 Surface correction

If you want to use Kepez Repair Mix as a plaster, the surface should be pre-moistened and applied on the surface with a trowel to a maximum of 10 mm with a single layer. Water must be added to the hardened product.

After completing the use of the product, the surface should be moistened

Designated usage rules are designed for 20 ° C air temperature.

Time runs out in places with low temperatures, time is shorter at high temperatures.


Kraft sacks of 25 kg


1.8 kg / m2 (for 1 mm thickness)

Storage duration

Can be stored in the original unopened packaging, in humid conditions, for 12 months from the date of consumption

Technical features

Pressure resistance – 45 N / mm2 (28 days later)

Adhesion resistance – 2 N / mm2 (28 days later)

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