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Alpan branded 10-mm White Plaster Panel (Gipskarton Plaque)

Alpan branded 10-mm White Plaster Panel (Gipskarton Plaque)

Alpan Plaster Panel (Gipskarton Plaque) is a gypsum-based construction material used for repairing partitions between rooms in repair and construction works, and for the production of various ceiling coverings.

10-mm White Plaster Panel Alpan branded (Gipskarton Plaque) the 10 mm White Panel Alpens (Gipskarton Plaque) is made of high purity natural gypsum stone, which adds lightness to the plaque, the required hardness and increasing ability to use it. Both sides of the Plaster Panel (Gipskarton Plaque) are covered with a special cardboard layer that provides flexibility and durability to the board. The use of Alpan Plaster Panels (Gipskarton Plaque) is easy, allowing you to save on workmanship and time, which significantly reduces construction costs. The walls and ceilings made with Alpan Plaster Panel (Gipskarton Plaque) are lightweight, mainly used for ceiling coverings.

Technical Features

Length – 2500 m

Width – 1200 mm

Thickness – 9,4 mm

Average weight – 7,8 kg/m2

Torsion resistance – Perpendicular to paper fibers – 390T-53

Torsion resistance – Paralell to paper fibers



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