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Kepez Self-Leveling Floor Material

Kepez Self-Leveling Floor Material

Self-adhesive, mineralized, special cement based floor cover

Application areas

Used under ceramic, granite, marble, wooden parquet, laminate, parquet, carpet, pvc, linolium, rubber coatings and used in smoothing various places without the desired smoothness

Product benefits

High resistance, easy to apply at all thicknesses, spread by itself, used with pump, keeps the load of the wheelbarrow, is considered appropriate for the places warmed from the ground, and can be used economically.

Usage quantity

Depending on the state of the surface varies. 1.5 kg / m2 of material per 1 mm thickness is required.


Shelf life is 6 months. The products should be kept in a cool and dry condition, with maximum 6 sacks should be stored on top of each other.

Surface Preparation

The workplace should be cleaned from loose parts, grease and other chemicals and should be non-cracked, dry and clean. It is highly recommended that you use a suitable primer before using this solution to smooth.

Preparation instructions and use

Add 4-5 liters of water (depending on the temperature of the air) into the clean and cool water (25 kg) of powder (the water can not be added to the powder), it is homogeneous for 3-4 minutes with a mechanical mixer. After waiting for 3-4 minutes, the solution is stirred for 30 seconds and is ready for use. The air temperature should be +5 degrees and +35 degrees when applying the solution. Spread the solution to the desired thickness with trowel. In the case of a thickness of 5 mm, quartz sand can be added to the dry mixture by 30% and 50% by 0-4 mm thickness.

Things to be careful about

Surface should be cleaned of materials that reduce adhesion and the appropriate primer should be applied before applying the solution. This solution, which is self-propelled and smooth and keep this solution as fast as you can use it.The solids can be softened with water again. Protect your workplace from high heat, ultraviolet rays and strong airflow. Use a wheel brush to remove air bubbles.

Cleaning tools

Wash the tools with water after finishing work.

Technical features

Powder color: Gray

Operating Temperature: High temperature minimum +5 degrees

Application process: 15-25 minutes

Use for vehicles: 12 to 18 hours

To be ready for coating: 24-48 hours

Application tool: Appropriate trowel or hedgehog valve

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