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Kepez Machine and Hand Plaster

Kepez Machine and Hand Plaster

It is a cement based, adhesive and easy-to-use plaster applied inner and outer spaces on the sufaces such as brick, gas concrete, bims, briquette, wall and other surfaces by hand or machine

Application areas

Used for plastering purposes on brick, gas concrete, bims, briquettes, gross concrete surfaces, walls

Surface Preparation

To be plastered wall surface should be cleaned from grease, powder paint residues, dirt and other substances. The cracks and holes in the wall are covered by the Kepez repairing solution. The wall surface should be moistened before plastering. It should be sifted three days before working on gazbeton, brutbeton surfaces and then plastered at least 72 hours.

The application

It is important that the temperature is between +5 degrees and +35 degrees. It should be used in frozen, with melting or danger of freezing walls within 24 hours as well as directly under the sun or strong wind.The wall is ready to be painted after the apply of the last layer by Kepez machine or by hand, plaster is subtle when one layer is applied. High adhesion and endurance resistance create a solid foundation. It is moisture resistant. When preparing Kepez plaster, add 25 kg of powder to 7-7.5 liters of water and mixed with the mixer applied to the wall with the aid of the trowel or the aggregate. The special aluminum mastar profile is used for flat surfaces. Corner profiles are used to prevent corners from breaking. Once the plaster is tightened, it is polished (when it comes to the shape that will not be rubbed when fingerprints are pressed). The thickness of the applying varies between 1 cm and 2.5 cm in one layer. The waiting time for each layer is 24 hours.


No chemical additives should be added to the prepared product. Overdue products should not be reused by mixing with water or dry products. Should not be applied to very hot or frozen surfaces for a long time. The product must be watered for 7 days after use in terms of product quality. Plaster Files is recommended at different product combined and movable points. Kepez Plaster should be waited for at least 15 days, depending on the average temperature for additives to be applied. Do not get rid of the intended use and instructions. If the product contact the eyes, rinse with water or seek medical advice. Use gloves as a cement based product. The packaged product should not be stored in a humid place.


14 kg / m for 1 cm thickness

Health and safety

Skin and eye contact should be avoided. Always use glove when using the product.

Technical features

Color: Gray

Maximum thickness – 1.0 mm

Water vapor diffusion coefficient – 10

Pressure resistance CS II is average

Pressure resistance is approximately 3.0 N / mm2

Bondage resistance> 0.50 N / mm2 FP: A

Small Water absorption W1

Fire resistance A1

Heat resistance after application – (-30 ̊C) – (+80 ̊C)

The water mix ratio is -0.9-9.5 liters

The minimum plaster thickness is 10 mm / 8 mm in the ceiling

Maximum plaster thickness for each stage – 2.5 mm (maximum 50 mm in total)

Consumption is approximately – 12.5 kp / m2 (for 1 cm application)

Storage period – 12 months in the appropriate storage conditions


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