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Kepez Gaz Concrete Adhesive

Kepez Gaz Concrete Adhesive

Having high adhesion properties, allowing the master to work longer cement based gazbeton masonry plaster


It is used with masonry materials such as gas concrete and brick, which have a high water absorption ratio. Suitable for repairing wall surfaces, spaces and cracks.


It is recommended to use at the temperature between +5 degrees and +35 degrees. It can not be used in frozen, melting or in conditions that danger of frost within 24 hours. It should be applied directly under the influence of sun rays and in strong wind conditions. Add 25 kg of Kepez gas concrete adhesion powder to 7-8 liters of water and mix until complete homogeneous mixture with low circulation mixer. The bottom and side sides of the first row of gas concrete blocks that contact the masonry plaster are moistened. There is no need to soak the blocks at other times. Gaz concrete adhesive solution is applied with a 10×10 cm dimension of ordinary or combed trowel. In this case, the remaining should be 3 mm between the blocks.

The hinged gas concrete blocks are cleaned from top and side.

Please note

No chemicals should be added inside the prepared solution. Expired products should not be re-applied by mixing with water or dry additives. Should not be used on very hot or frozen walls exposed to the sun for a long time. It should not be used on wood, on metal and in places where it is moist. Do not go beyond the designated operating instructions. When the product contact the eyes, rinse immediately with water or seek medical advice. Use gloves as a cement-containing product. The product should not be stored in moisture content


The original sack can be stored for up to 8 months. The sack should be used for 7 days after opening.


Dimensions of the block Consumption / kg

20x50x20 cm                   5-6 kg / m2

20x70x20 cm                   6-7 kg / m2

30x50x15 cm                   3-4 kg / m2

30x50x20 cm                   4-5 kg / m2

30x70x20 cm                   5-6 kg / m2

Technical features

Appearance – Gray color small powder

Powder thickness – 1,300 ± 100 kg / lt

Mixing ratio- 7-8 liters of water / 20 kg of powder

Packaging life cycle – max 2 hours

Torsion resistance – 4 N/mm2 (28 days)

Adhesion resistance – 0.4 N / mm2 (28 days)

Resistance to compression – 8 N / mm2 (28 days)

Water absorption – 30 min ≤ 0.5 kg (0.5 m2 min)


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